Thursday, March 12, 2009

Normal shopping

Hi All-

Sorry for the absence. I have many a blog posts stored up in my mind but no time to write them down. In the meantime, here's a little somethin' somethin' to tide you over.

Yesterday, I went here. I went in expecting this. In there I found this, but without the studs and a little cuter. (sorry, couldn't find a picture)

Unfortunately, I have grotesquely wide feet.

So to Conclude

Luckily, I found and bought this. Which kept the trip from being a total bust and made my materialistic self happy.

P.S. My (literally) Anorexic coworker brought in Snickers' for everyone in the office to share today. I have suspicions that it might be leftovers from his trick or treatin' days.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why we need The Ninja to return!

It seems this blog is a bit lopsided. No, this is not a reference to someone's weight. I am just saying that this was opened up as a joint blog between me, The Outlaw, and Jayne, The Ninja. Seeing that the last several posts have been from the not-so-enjoyable Outlaw, I dare say that we need to voice our opinion and DEMAND that The Ninja come back and post with all the power her ancestors and Buddha have blessed her with! So, do what you must, comment, harass, email, call, whatever. In the meantime, here is a little text conversation between Jayne and I had last week.

Jayne: You went to B-ful Jr. High, right? Did you ever have Valynne Bowers?

Spencer: No, I went to M-I-Double L-C-R-Double E-K [clap, clap] Millcreek!

Jayne: Hehe. Good cheer! I imagined you performing it right there in the salon. :D

Spencer: Well, I did. But in slow motion because I had to add in the dashes. Then I did it again in real time.

Jayne: Did anyone else join in? Cause I definitely would have.

Spencer: Well, they didn't know which school I was cheering for. They don't really know about MJH. But, it's cool. I don't judge.

30 Minutes Later

Spencer: Nielsen (name has been changed) blog so so boring. And she showers with the baby?!?! What?

Jayne: What?? Have not read that yet. Must read . . . now.

Jayne: Who showers with their baby?? At that age?! Hope she stops soon. And wow, he's "out of town" a lot.

Spencer: [Talking to them] on webcam with his manstress in the bed behind him.

Jayne: Ahahahahaha. "Manstress"

Jayne: Affair: Fail!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I laughed one time, I really did!

I was on time to work today--correction, I was 5 minutes early. So, suck it!

Sometimes I wonder if my job is as important as I make it sound. Yeah, I work for the dean of one of BYU's largest colleges but, what does that even mean? It should mean making important phone calls, attending posh meetings, writing formal letters, etc. Rather, I spend my time longing to be on the mountain right outside my office door.

As of now, my Facebook status reads: "should I be this bored right now?" I know I am bored when I no longer want to listen to the 4 illegally downloaded cd's on my work computer so I have to maneuver my arm under the desk to the back of the computer to unplug the speakers so I can plug it into my iPod. You're thinking, "why in blue blazes is someone doing such a stupid thing when you can plug your iPod right into the front of your computer?!?!" Well, Wondering Wilma, my iPod is formatted for my mac and since a PC is not smart enough to read that format, I have to result to more drastic measures--PC SURGERY! (or would it be grafting?)

After class I am running away! I'm going to the promised land where milk and honey flow in abundance. I'm going home. If I didn't have to go to work on a project, then I'd drive far, far away. Perhaps Russia? I really need to get away so, if I go missing, I'm not dead. I've only escaped the dregs of life and I've hopped onto a bus full of rest home residents.

(See, THIS is why I go home. It's beautiful, wonderful, quiet, perfect!)

Until then, I will re-reorganize my desk, make a few prank phone calls, and listen to Rachael Yamagata allowing the lyrics to truthfully describe my less-than-stellar Wednesday morning.

Confession: I was going to write this post with the intent of complaining about how I am tired of complainers. Hmm, hypocrisy at its best!