Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Charitable deed.

I participate the crap out of my night class. Not because the grad student who teaches it is any good. Nor is it because my classmates make it the best two and a half hours of my life. It is because my teacher is so bad, and my classmates so dull, that I feel the need to pipe up in class like never before. If I don't, the silence that causes my teacher's face to look so crestfallen makes me almost want to cry.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Moment #237

The number of embarrassing moments continue to climb as I finish up my last year at BYU. The Outlaw has good reason to be afraid of spending time with me in public. Here's a conversation I had with one of the many helpful librarians at school.

Librarian: Hi! Can I help you?
Me: Yes. I'm looking for Sex With Kings.
Librarian:.... (silence).
Me: Let me clarify. The title of the book I cannot find is called "Sex with Kings."
Librarian: Um...sure. Let me look that up for you...and you're sure we have it?
Me: Absolutely.
Librarian: That sure is an interesting title.
Me: Yep.

We did find the book in the history section. We had a nice chat about the contents of the book. He was even nice enough to wave the hefty twenty-two dollar fine that I had on my account. So, next time you guys have a library fine... You know what to do.