Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'd rather be bald.

I'm going to whine just a tiny bit. If you're surprised, obviously you're not a faithful reader of this blog. Which is okay. I'm still grateful that you come by to visit every once in a while. Heaven knows SOMEONE should.

I just spent 45 minutes giving myself what my Asian ethnicity should have given me naturally: Straight hair. I know what you're thinking, "45 minutes and her hair always looks like that??" And yes, after a better part of an hour, my hair just looks...hopefully regular. So you can imagine what it looks like before my strenuous regimen every morning. Don't think I'm shallow please. If you think about it, I'm trying not to scare you to death with my frizzier than Medusa hair, so I'm really spending 45 minutes of my morning saving lives. Also, I tried out some curls the other day. The article I was reading told me it was supposed to give me the "just woke up natural waves" look. Yeah. It took me an hour and a half to look like I just "rolled out of bed."Still, it was cute. To the men who read this blog, be grateful most of you just get out of the shower, run some gel/hairspray/pomade/other feminine product through your hair and call it good. I'm very jealous.

One last note. I saw the other day that Paula Deen is coming out with a furniture line. Good. I was in need of a good couch made of butter.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It Must Be Said

This blog was never intended to be a place to rant about nor to promote politics. (You might try The Progressive Perspective if you are looking for a refreshing point-of-view.) However, I feel that if my conservative Facebook friends, blogger friends, relatives, acquaintances, postal worker, and religious authority can complain, I might as well show opposition. Why is it that March 21, 2010 has been deemed "a sad day in history", a SAD day for America, a step toward political oppression? Yes, the reform has flaws. Anyone who denies that is wrong. But, it is a start in the right direction. I'd like to share these words to show how uneducated many, if not all, of us are in regard to healthcare reform:

"Today I have to say it is a SAD day for America....congress passed the health care reform bill....bring on the socialism. Health care plans like this seem to be working so well around the world, NOT! What have we done? The majority of the those who passed this bill have admitted to not knowing what was in it or how it would even work....and they want the IRS to run they know what they are it is a SAD day for America. I can't wait to see how this all works out, because medicare is working so well....once again those of us in the middle will get nothing but gouged by the rich- insurance companies and the the poor, who know how to work the system."

I only link this to show that I did not make it up. Read it if you want. I am tired of hearing all the bitching. Until now, I have ignored the patronizing comments of my fellow Christians (or in my case, Mormons). Jesus would never want the best for his brother. After all, healthcare coverage would mean one less opportunity to heal the sick. And Jesus was only as good as his healing miracles, right? The rest of the stuff he did was all for show. But seriously, no one cried "boo" when Bush did this, this, or this. Ok, ok, I'm turning into one of them. If you support this legislation, even in the slightest, let people know. After I read this post I have to say I felt no shame in supporting this move toward "socialism". Now, I feel sad for those that just don't get it (me included). So, become educated. Ask questions. Demand answers. I think FDR put it right when he said that this United States is not the finished product, but that we are still in the making. But, let's just leave it at that.

We will return to normal operation soon. Ninja, the ball is in your court.