Tuesday, August 3, 2010


During dinner last night, my roommates were bragging about church authorities that they've met. One kept trying to top the other.

"I saw Elder Uchtdorf at a conference six months ago."
"Oh, really? That's awesome! I shook President Hinckley's hand at a devotional last year."
"No kidding! You got to shake his hand?? Elder Packer gave me a hug once. AND, this was pretty exciting, but Mitt Romney was in my room while I was in Jerusalem for study abroad. I wasn't in my room, but he was in it."

After a few minutes of this, I felt like I needed to chip in my two cents as well. But then I was slightly panicked because I couldn't think of any general authorities that I've met. I mean, of course I saw president Hinckley at a devotional once, but that sounds super lame after all of the AWESOME meet and greets the others were boasting about. Finally, I could feel the eyes turning towards me, all of them just waiting for me to top all of their comments with some spectacular revelation about the experience I had. For a split second, I thought about making something up. I mean, it's not like they'd ever find out whether or not I really sat next to President Monson on the bus once. Or that after the bus ride, he took such an interest in me he just had to invite me to dinner with his family. But, alas, I remembered that I am a terrible liar. So I spit out the truth. The truth being that the only "celebrity" experience I have ever had was when Donny Osmond shook my hand and thanked me for playing so well in the pit during his son's performance in Secret Garden.


To those of you who didn't know, I've been living in the FLSR (or as Bret likes to say, The FLISH) for the summer. I am the native speaker for the Chinese house. It's been an interesting experience so far. I'd like to think that they've been learning lots from me. But I'll be honest. After being forced (for my own good) to move from Taiwan to the United States when I was in second grade, I wasn't left with a lot of language skills to teach. I'm actually certain that I've been learning more from them than they've been learning from me. A couple of lessons I've learned are:

1. It's a fun game to see just how high you can stack the garbage on top of the garbage can before it's necessary to start putting trash on the ground NEXT to the garbage can.

2. It is incredibly difficult to put a new roll of toilet paper on the toilet roll dispenser. it's much easier to put the new roll on the ground and bend down each time you need it to use it.

Those were really the only ones worth mentioning. I can't wait to share these lessons with my family when I move home.