Thursday, July 22, 2010

Easy Gifting

I really like receiving presents. I know, that sentence sounded selfish. But let's be honest, who doesn't like getting gifts? But what I also really enjoy, is giving presents. However, for an indecisive girl like me, the process of deciding the right kind of gift to give is practically torture. (I know what you're thinking, should I ever get captured by the Chinese for speaking ill about their government, I'll be in for a big surprise when I find out what torture really means.) There are just so many details to factor in to gift giving. The occasion, the personality, how much you really like that person.... The list is almost endless. But I saw a commercial on TV today that will make this process a cinch.

JIF peanut butter. Need I say more? It used to be "choosy moms choose JIF". But's "choose JIF to show someone how much you care."

Problem solved you guys, from now on just expect some JIF from me for any and all occasions.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Golf Carts

This post has nothing to do with golf. It's more so about the fact that every time I see a golf cart filled with prospective BYU students and their parents touring our lovely campus, I feel like I'm in the movie Stepford Wives. But instead of being around "perfect wife" robots, I'm surrounded by "perfect student" robots. It makes me want to run around and create some sort of scene to see if I get any reaction other than disapproval. And hopefully at the same, make those prospective students think twice about wanting to go to BYU. And not just BYU, they should really think long and hard before applying to any university they'll be stuck in for the next four years....or five if you're an underachiever like me.