Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I guess he didn't get an A in geography...

I had recently added a psychology class to my schedule. Because I was two weeks late entering the class, I needed to stay after to talk to the teacher about what I've missed. My teacher is a grad student who looks like he's twelve. But I'm not judging.
As he was flipping through his folder, looking for a syllabus for me as well as other class materials, he started making small talk.

Teacher: So....where are you from?
Me: Taiwan
Teacher: Yeah? That's really cool. What do you like to do?
Me: I like to cook.
Teacher: Oh really? That's great! Do you make a lot of Thai food?
Me: Not particularly...no. Haha.
Teacher: No? You've never made good Thai food? Like pad thai? Do you even like Thai food?
Me: I love Thai food...I've just never made any.
Teacher: I bet your parents love Thai food huh?

It wasn't until this point in the conversation that I realized he wasn't just living up to his looks of a weird, geeky grad student. He was mistaking Taiwan for Thailand. But again, I'm not judging. It's a common misconception.