Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Here's a conversation between Spencer and I that happened almost a year ago. For some reason it just popped up in my head this morning and to this day, it still never fails to make me chuckle. We went up to Spencer's house in Bountiful to spend the weekend. He had brought his laundry home so he had his hands full when we got out of the car. He asked me to key in the code to open his garage door. Here's how the conversation went:

Spencer: Can you key in the code to the garage door?
Me: (opening the cover and getting ready to push the buttons) Ok, what is it?
Spencer: 9465* wait no! 67 wait, 65!
Me: WHAT?? What are you doing?!
Spencer: I didn't want the robbers to hear!
Me: (trying so hard to stop laughing) WHAT ROBBERS?!

Some people are just a little paranoid, and you know what? There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just make sure to carry all of their stuff, watch carefully as they key in the code themselves, and then email that code to everyone you know.

*Code changed in order to protect the privacy of Spencer Cawley's home from robbers