Friday, January 8, 2010

Do something artsy, throw glitter at a cat!

Today was, well, it was a day. I am taking four credits this semester so I spend a lot of time at work and a lot of time thinking. See, that's when my problems set in. My thoughts set up camp and have my problems over for tea rendering my body totally incapable of speaking a complete, cohesive sentence. Yada, yada, yada, that's not the point. The point is this...I used to be so much fun! Finally, my four credit semester will allow me to be fun again. So, thoughts, problems, my brain is taking an extended vacation. We'll visit you in the summer.

In other news, The Ninja has made contact! In fact, she wants to go on an outing this weekend. She will make her appearance at Nordstrom. Which one, I do not know. Here is the proof:

Jayne: Want to go to Nordstrom this weekend?
Spencer: Yes. I'd love to. Can we skip in the store?
Jayne: I was thinking we should choreograph a dance. Or maybe play a game of bridge in the shoe department.
Spencer: That'd be the adult thing to do.
Jayne: I don't know the meaning of the word.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Always Walk With A Purpose

Today my sister texted me with an attached picture of my nephew. He had a huge grin; his head was all mouth! The caption below the picture made me grin too. He had finally lost his tooth. The story of how the tooth actually fell out of his mouth is rather vague. From what my sister could gather, he was at school and there were M&Ms involved. I don't see the problem of knowing all the details. It fell out didn't it? Well, there is more to the story.

Let me back up--This kid was defiant. He just wanted to let the tooth stay. However, his permanent tooth was waiting for NO ONE. Sooner or later his permanent tooth was going to overshadow his baby tooth. Could you imagine the terror of flossing that double decker? It would take specialized tools created from the ore of the moon's core and fashioned after the weapons of the early Soviet Union. But honestly, he stood in the bathroom and convinced that tooth it would never have to come out. I'm quite sure he ordered said tooth a hot tub and a personal masseur if it would just stay in his mouth. No blood, no pulling, no twisting. Just one tooth piggybacking a much larger tooth.

And this one picture made me think, "I'm just as stubborn as my nephew." It took that picture, his resistance, and those M&M's to wake me up. It was like being tapped on the forehead by my brother while he is yelling "NAME 10 FRUITS". Like my nephew's tooth, all this time I thought I was going nowhere. Thanks Tom for eating those M&M's or having them thrown at you or just yanking it out. You can move on and let your teeth grow in and I can move on and chuckle about the time I stood behind you in the bathroom and said to you while you had a tissue in your mouth, "twist more to the right...yep, keep to the it making a popping noise? I can't wait for pimples!"